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I'm an Author @, a Fullstack Web Developer, a Mobile App Developer, a Content Creator

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Samarth Agarwal

I am Samarth Agarwal, Flutter and Ionic Expert and Fullstack developer from India. I have rich experience in building mobile and web apps. I also work as project consultant and instructor.

Web Development


Mobile Development


Project Consultation



UI/UX design

Instructor and Trainer

Delivering trainings and creating video content for more than 5 years. Globally 20000+ happy students across platfoms like Udemy, Skillshare, Internshala, Zeolearn LLC, Packt Publishing and KnowledgeHut.

UI/UX design

FullStack Web/Mobile Development

Building web apps using modern and powerful technologies including Firebase, NodeJS and Angular (MEAN Stack), and mobile apps using cross-platform technologies likes Ionic and Flutter.

UI/UX design

Project Consultation

Do you want to discuss your next project? I can suggest you the best strategies and tools to use to succeed. Reach out to me regarding your project to figure out how I can help you in building your product end to end.

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2014 - Present

Web/Mobile App Developer

Building apps for Android and iOS using cross-platform technologies like Ionic and Flutter. Reach out if you have an idea in mind.

2015 - Present

Instructor and Content Creator

Delivering live trainings and video courses on platforms like Udemy, Internshala, Zeolearn LLC, Packt Publishing and KnowledgeHut

2017 - Present

FullStack App Developer

Working with one of the most powerful backend systems like NodeJS and Firebase, and performant frontends like Angular. I M.E.A.N. it.

Clients & Reviews

Kåre Skuland

Kåre Skuland

Founder at Jesus Kids, Norway

The last three years I have worked closely with Samarth to develop and maintain a communication and teaching app. He has outstanding developer skills - fast, organized, reliable, positive and competent and smart. He is always responding immediately and his fluent English makes communication easy.

Gyptech SRL

Milton Ginebra

Co-founder and CTO at Gypetch S.R.L, DR

I have worked with quite a few local and remote web developers. I am yet to find anyone with the level of talent, professionalism and project commitment that Samarth has. Real pleasure to work with him, hope to do more projects together soon!

Frum Mihai Cristian

Frum Mihai Cristian

Founder and CTO at BSHARKR S.R.L, Romania

After more than one year of being guided by Samarth Agarwal into the tech world, my coding skills and my attitude about mobile development have shifted 180 degrees. Now my programming appetite is increased and I feel confident coding.

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